New Writer Podcast Episode 28 – Monthly Update for July 2015


New Writer Podcast Episode 28 – Monthly Update for July

Monthly Update for July 2015


  • Choices: 186 Free Downloads, 2 Sales (Sorry Germany!) – $0.78
  • Fallout: 5 Sales – $10.23
  • Summons: 2 Sales – $4.87
  • Tragedy: 3 Sales – $6.93
  • It Happened in Georgia: 2 Sales – $0.70
  • Dinosaur Alien Invasion: 1 Sale – $0.35
KDP Select Experiment: Alcohologist Chronicles

So far, episodes 1-4 have had free days:

  • The Glaosheimr Situation: 12 Downloads
  • “C” is for Apocalypse: 23 Downloads
  • The Moenchurian Candidate: 11 Downloads
  • Consensual Tentacles: 35 Downloads
KENP Read: 0


  • Space Opera: 27,108
  • Seven Keys 5: ~35,000 (Final Draft)
  • Blog Posts for MABrotherton.Com: 11,123
  • Other Non-Fiction: 8,960
  • All Other Writing: ~26,000
  • Total Words: 112,674

Show Script

One of the big takeaways for me this month has been getting back into the habbit of writing every day. For a long time, I was only writing when I felt like it, and I wasn’t making very good progress on any of my projects. Now, I am actively trying to keep myself writing every single day.

One of the tools I’ve used to do that is 750Words.Com.

It wasn’t enough for me to have a 750 words account–I’ve had one for years–I had to actually sign up for one of the montly challenges and put my money where my mouth is.


After signing up for the montly challenge, I knew I couldn’t let myself down, and made an effort to get up earlier every morning so I could have the time I needed to bust out 750 words before I went to work. Once I started to get more comfortable with my dictation software this became more likely to be 2000-3000 words each morning.

Most of the words I used on my 750Words journey are not useable for anything, but I recently made the decision to focus on writing fiction in the morning and non-fiction at night.

I’ve only had a couple of days with that system because I’ve had quite a few friends come into town, and my mornings got chaotic. I still managed to do my 750words each morning, but not much else. Of course, I also write a substantial amount for my dayjob, which really bolstered my total monthly wordcount this month.

I’ve been talking a lot lately about how great Dragon Naturally Speaking is, and I really do want to encourage anyone who can afford to make that investment in using it. It does take a significant amount of time to set up, but it also helps me get a lot of words down on the screen very, very quickly. It let me write my “story beats” draft of the Space Opera (a little over 20,000 words) in about a week, and I’ve been regularly using it to write 2-3 essays a night.

Getting a good set of momentum going on my blog is a new heavy focus for me. I forgot how much I love blogging and how theraputic it can be.

When I was blogging before, I also let myself get into a trap of writing in bursts and then publishing as soon as everything was finished. I won’t be doing that anymore. My new schedule has me producing one blog post each Thursday morning, but I and writing a few essays each day. This gives me two benefits, one, I have a substantial amount of work already in the can and ready to go in the future, and I can pick the best from my stack and work on it to make sure it is perfect.

This is a big part of what I want to be doing as a writer. I have always wanted to make sure I was writing non-fiction as well as fiction, and I have harboured the not-so-secret desire to become a humorist since I started my blog in 2010. So far, I think humorous essays have yet to be broken into by indie authors. It seems a little intemidating to try to jump directly into publishing those books, but I used to have a pretty good blog audience, so my goal right now is to earn them back.

By massively overproducing for the blog, I can also have a large collection of unpublished essays to pull from when I’m ready to put that book together. Hopefully if that pile gets big enough, I can start lumping them into themes to give a collection a more cohesive whole. Hopefully, by the time that has all come together, I have reproven myself to my blog audience.

Looking Forward to August

Since I’m recording this on July 31 and it will go out on August 1, I think it is a good time for me to set up my goals and expectations for August.

I plan to finish the current draft of my space opera by the 15th. This will be a complete first draft, and I will probably send that draft to my alpha
reader, aka, my dad. Since this is a completely knew genre for me, I want to see if I’m even hitting the mark. If my alpah draft goes well, I hope to have this story ready for edits by September 1. We’ll see how it goes.

I will continue to write essays on a daily basis, trying to do at least 2 every day. I would like to build my own personal slush pile of essays and short stories. I think there are a lot of good uses for these kinds of work outside of just publishing them to publish them. some of them will obviously go up on my blog at MABrotherton.Com, some will get published as ebooks, and others will go into my “Rainy Day” storage. You never know when an opportunity to be part of an anthology or box-set might come along. For me, I think it is worth it to keep a few stories in reserve for those opportunities, especially if I’m not 100% ready to polish them. That way, I can bring them out and give them a shine when the time comes. If their time never comes, I might make an anthology of my own.

I do need to spend more time working on short fiction in between my longer work. I love short stories, and short story collections are some of my favorite reads. As my essay stockpile builds up, I will probably write more flash fiction and shorts under 10,000 words. If I can remind myself that I can write under 10,000 words. That’s okay.