New Writer Podcast Episode 29 – How My Own Negative Beliefs Affect My Journey

New Writer Podcast Episode 29 – How My Own Negative Beliefs Affect My Journey

This week I’d like to take a little time to talk about some of my own limiting beliefs as a writer and how they have impacted my journey. Some of the things I’m going to touch on include non-fiction writing, essays, scripts, and writing for the joy of writing.

The Weekly Update


This week’s words have been slower than I’d like. I have continued my write every day streak, so that is good, but I haven’t made as much progress on my fiction as I’d like. There was substantially more writing this week for my day job, and that was part of why I decided to reconsider what I consider writing.

Word Count Breakdown

Day Job Writing – 6,983 Words
Blog Post Writing – 3,092 Words
Space Opera – 7,633 Words
Other – 5,632

Honestly, I shouldn’t be too upset with my word counts as long as I am moving forward, and I am. The big accomplishment this week is keeping that 38-day streak of writing every day going. I get another badge when I hit 100 days. Never underestimate the value of meaningless pixels as motivation.


By the standards of some authors, I had a horrible week, but by my own personal standards, I’m doing awesome. With the strange exception of yesterday when everything just kind of died for a day, I’ve had sales every day this week. I’ve sold a total of 11 books for the month. I’ve actually had more revenue this week than I did in all of May, so that feels pretty good. I’ve also noticed I’m starting to get a pretty consistent trickle of sales from the Amazon Germany store, and that always seems awesome.

I would attribute the uptake in sales to Book 5 launching, but so far the sales for 5 have been a little lack-luster.

Sales Breakdown

Choices – $0.97 3 Sales, 33 Free Giveaways
Fallout – $3.99 – 2 Sales
Summons – $2.06 – 1 Sale
Tragedy – $4.12 – 2 Sales
Purpose – $6.18 – 3 Sales

Alocoholgist Chronicles Freeruns – Total 20 Books download; 0 sales; 0 pages read



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