61 – Two Books I Found Useful This Week

61 – Two Books I Found Useful This Week

Episode 61 - Plot Machining for 30 Days: Two Books I Found Useful This Week

This week’s writing advice books:

The 30-Day Author by Kevin Tumlinson

The Plot Machine by Dale Kutzera


The 30-Day Author

This is a great book for building a daily writing habbit. If you’re anything like me, the old advice of “sit down and write” isn’t working for you. Kevin Tumlinson goes into some specific techniques of what to write and why. There’s some sneakyness here that will also get you thinking about larger goals as a writer.


The Plot Machine

I really enjoyed the analytical and structured look at story telling and the different forms story can take. This book is a great look at not just how to put together a plot, but understanding the “why” of a plot’s shape. I suggest it for anyone trying to transition from pantsing to plotting. Not neccessarily for beginning authors.