Quick Review – Arts Reborn by Jamie Maltman


Hi guys. Welcome to a New Writer Podcast quick book review.

I’m Matt Brotherton–author of the Seven Keys Saga– and I’m here tonight to tell you about a pair of awesome indie books I’ve recently finished reading:

A Brush with Darkness and Blood of the Water by Jamie Maltman.

I first learned about Jamie’s Arts Reborn series when I interviewed him back in August, and read the first book A Brush with Darkness shortly after.

This weekend, I finished the second book in the series — Blood of the Water.

Now, if you’re a fan of epic fantasy, especially in the style of Jordan or Sanderson, I suggest checking out the Arts Reborn.

The series takes place in the Roman-inspired empire of Pazh, where legionaries struggle to maintain the Order and Dignity of the Republic.

Following the familiar trends of epic fantasy, thousands of years of status quo are interrupted when a dark force is reawakened. Now, the talented, special people with reality-altering magic bound to their artistic abilities, must face off against the Damoz and the warlocks that serve them.

Maltman’s book has enough familiar ground for any epic fantasy fan– good vs evil, empires vs rebels, mentors and rivals–but it also has some truly unique elements.

By moving the story to a roman inspired empire, Maltman gives us a brand new look at culture and morality. The magic system of the Talented is unique and interesting.

I suggest picking up Brush with Darkness today. I’m sure that if you do, and you’re a fan of epic fantasy, you’ll be reading Blood of the Water in no time.

Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for my next review, which will be Michael La Ronn’s Eaten.

See you Next time.

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Jamie’s Appearance on New Writer Podcast can we watched here.

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